HAIR Seminyak is not just a place where clients can get their hair cut, coloured & styled. As a Mindful Salon we go beyond creating beautiful hair. Avoiding harmful chemicals is challenging in the hair salon industry, however, we have made the conscious decision to choose the products we carry carefully. We actively continue to source products which are free of sulfates, parabens, palm oil, PPD’s, GMO’s, and artificial colors and fillers and opting for those that are highly composed of plant based, natural ingredients which are cruelty free. Mindfulness along with the well being of our clients is the principal focus at our salon!

The OLAPLEX Difference

OLAPLEX contains a patented active ingredient that works on a molecular level to seek out broken bonds in the hair that are caused by chemical, thermal, mechanical and sun damage. You can use OLAPLEX to restore compromised hair, or add it to your colour, cut or styling services to provide the ultimate breakage insurance. OLAPLEX is vegan and free from harmful parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.



  • Women (wash & blow dry)

    300k - 450k
  • Men (wash & styling)

    250k - 400k
  • Men Clipper (wash & styling)

    100k - 200k
  • Beard Trim

  • Fringe Trim

    80k - 120k
  • Boys & Girls (under 10) (wash & styling)

    150k - 250k


  • Wash & Blow Dry

    200k - 350k
  • Curling / Ironing

    200k - 350k
  • Braiding

    from 100k
  • Up Do

    300k - 500k


  • Olaplex Hair Wash
    (Product used No.4, 5)

    100k - 200k
  • Olaplex Cut Upgrade
    (Product used No.2)

    150k - 300k
  • Olaplex Express
    (Product used No.2, 4, 5)

    250k - 400k
  • Olaplex Blow Dry Upgrade
    (Product used No.2, 4, 5)

    300k - 450k
  • Olaplex Colour Upgrade
    (Product used No.1, 2)

    400k - 550k
  • Olaplex Keratin Upgrade
    (Product used No.1, 2)

    450k - 600k
  • Olaplex Luxe
    (Product used No.1, 2, 4, 5)

    500k -650k


  • Semi Permanent

    600k - 900k
  • Roots

    600k - 900k
  • Roots & Ends

    700k -1,000k
  • Highlights/Lowlights (half)

    800k - 1,200k
  • Highlights/Lowlights (full)

    1,200k - 1,500k
  • Balayage/Ombre

    900k - 1,200k
  • Bleach

    650k - 1,100k
  • Toner Rinse

    400k - 800k
  • Silver/Colour Hair Wash

    150k - 300k

Davines Hair Spa

  • Hair Wash

    80k - 140k
  • Quick Fix Ritual

    350k - 500k
  • Sea Salt Scalp Scrub

    350k - 500k
  • Oily Hair & Scalp Ritual

    350k - 500k
  • Scalp Elevating Ritual

    350k - 500k
  • Anti Hair Loss Ritual

    350k - 500k
  • Blonde Hair Ritual

    350k - 500k
  • Anti Dandruff Ritual

    350k - 500k
  • Damaged Hair Ritual

    500k - 650k
  • Hair Butter/Anti Frizz Ritual

    500k - 650k
  • Blow Dry Upgrade



  • Chlorine Greening Removal

    400k - 550k
  • Keratin Smoothing

    from 1,000k
  • Fanola No Yellow Ritual

    200k - 350k

Prices vary upon length and hair type.

All colour services include Styling. 


At HAIR we have a global team of highly skilled & talented creative stylists, specialists in various aspects of the industry.




At Seminyak we believe plants and nature are the antidote to the stress we feel from being so connected to screens. We all know how good it feels to take a walk in the sawah or lay in the sun on the beach. We grew up on planet Earth and we’re so disconnected to it. But it’s not just screens. The anxiety of life in it’s current form can be a lot to shoulder.⁣

Experience the vibe at our salon that just might spawn a global movement of beauty and botanical hybrids. When you enter you will find yourself in the most anti-hair-salon-hair-salon you will have seen lately …

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